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Patch Notes

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The following is a list of patch notes for The Black Death.

List of patches[edit | edit source]

Event Patchnotes Date Time since last Patch
Steam release / 2016-4-19 /
Patch V0.01 Patch note V 0.01 2016-4-19 1 day
Patch V0.02 Patch note V 0.02 2016-4-20 1 day
Patch V0.03 Patch note V 0.03 2016-4-26 6 days
Patch V0.04 Patch note V 0.04 2016-5-11 15 days
Patch V0.05 Official Homepage 2016-5-26 15 days
Patch V0.06 Official Homepage 2016-6-18 23 days
Patch V0.07 Official Homepage 2016-7-11 24 days
Patch V0.08 Official Homepage 2016-8-4 24 days
Patch V0.09 Official Homepage 2016-10-5 62 days
Patch V0.11 Official Homepage 2016-11-15